Loving Yourself … What Does It Mean Really?

How many times have you heard this statement, ‘You have to love yourself’.

“I already do that” you might think. “I take myself to the movies, have a nice massage, soak in a lovely warm bath with music and candles.  So what? It’s all very nice and it helps me to feel really good, but how does that change my life?”  It doesn’t really. Certainly these things nurture you, and that can make a slight difference to how you feel. However, loving yourself entails much more than that……

Loving yourself means to totally support yourself.  It means to speak to yourself and treat yourself as you would speak-to and treat someone you really love. It means to forgive yourself. It means to refuse to believe and accept thoughts in your mind that feed your insecurities and fears (your ego mind). These insecurities and fears are very convincing and they need you to believe in them in order to exist. Of course, this is happening unconsciously. You’re usually not even aware that your mind is doing this.

But what if you were aware? What if you were able to “change your mind”? What then? What if you chose to truly love and support yourself and to experience what this would mean in your everyday life? What if you chose to lovingly forgive yourself when you said or did something not ok in your past and/or in the present. That doesn’t mean not to take responsibility for what you may have said or done, it means to not judge yourself. To not see yourself as bad or inadequate. This would begin the most amazing journey of Awareness. Choosing to operate from your authentic Self, not from your ego self, and being able to identify the ego self whenever it attempted to undermine this choice.

Initially, this doesn’t seem to be an easy task. We are all so programmed to identify ourselves and others through our thoughts and beliefs. “I’m shy”, “I’m weak”, “He’s controlling”, “She’s aggressive”  

As you become more aware of the ego mind and its subtle attempts to sabotage, you become more practiced at not believing it and therefore being able to replace it.  THEN, a deep love begins to emerge within you and continues to grow and expand. THEN you will make choices, not only of what to do, but also of what thoughts to focus on and what words to say, and these will always be choices that support you. By making choices that are truly supportive, you will find your energy will feel lighter and clearer, and your choices and decisions will start to manifest at a much faster rate.

 This is Self-Love and this is where miracles can happen!

What a freedom this is. This is real Power. The Power of Self Love.  Be willing to let go and let the old structures of the ego-self crumble. THEN you can build new structures that are powerful and based on sustainable foundations of AWARENESS and SELF LOVE.

Gillian Love