“Awareness begins with the self.”

Awareness Coaching quickly takes you out of self-limiting thoughts and beliefs and into an exciting new world of possibilities.

"Every thought, reaction and decision you make would be filtered through these and other beliefs, yet they are based on a decision you’ve made at some time in your life, usually when you were very young……. and they are not true! "

Hi, my name is Gillian Love and many know me as Gill.

For thirty two years I have been exploring my own Introspective Journey of Awareness, while reaching out to others and sharing what I have discovered.

“We are all Universal Intelligence, absolute Love. The only thing that separates us from knowing, being and trusting this, is our mind and what it tells us! Explore and free that mind and you will renew your life.”



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“All your answers are within your mind. Once you have moved aside from the beliefs that are impeding these answers, then you are able to listen to guidance and fully trust yourself and your life. Your perspectives become more balanced, your choices become more self-caring and your life becomes more loving and fulfilling.”