What Is Reiki Healing Now? Is It Becoming Obsolete?

A contemporary theory seems to be, that as we move towards faster and seemingly more powerful methods of healing, Reiki is becoming obsolete. It is understandable why this attitude is growing, however I believe that it is not Reiki that is becoming obsolete, it’s the current philosophy and mind-set around it.

Usui Reiki was one of the first methods of energy-healing to reach the western world. Before its time? I think not. More likely, it was part of a larger plan to re-unite people with the energy of Universal Love, and has greatly contributed to the awakening of the world into a time of transformation.

You see, Reiki as such, can never be obsolete. Reiki is Universal Life-Force Energy. God Consciousness if you like. Pure love. How can this ever be obsolete? This is what we innately are, and this is what we so desperately need to realise at this current era of change. The study and practice of Reiki gives people permission to reawaken to this truth.

During my Reiki Seminars, students were instructed in the traditional Reiki methods, however were also challenged to ignite their own inner growth. We can no longer remain as we were. Although wonderful, it is now not enough to just channel Reiki to another. Accompanying the shift that the Earth is now experiencing, there appears to be a new responsibility emerging for healers.

It is so important that we continuously focus on moving out our density (our fear-based beliefs) in order to allow us to acknowledge and operate from the light within us. This enables us to truly operate as authentic. This energy of authenticity is the only energy that will resonate with the new paradigm.

No matter what new modality one chooses to use (and there are many powerful ones available), the answer remains the same. Unless we focus on moving away from a mind that thrives on its limiting beliefs and fears, we will have difficulty navigating the changes in this world. In my experience, this was easily embraced by my Reiki students. Maybe because they were led to study Reiki, they already possessed an innate understanding of this concept.

It is traditionally known and experienced in Reiki, that as one receives higher attunements, one’s healing energy also rises to a higher vibration. However, what is not always explained, is that all Reiki attunements, especially the Master attunement, have a profound effect on people’s lives and precipitates change on many levels, always eventually being for the person’s highest good. By consciously doing the inner work concurrently with the Reiki training and attunement, significant transformations can take place, not only in the individual’s personal life, but in the calibre of their future teaching experience of Reiki. Throughout the Master/Teacher course, a major proportion was devoted to inner transformation. The students were constantly challenged to clear beliefs and ways of behaviour that prevented them from being who they truly wanted to be. This of course opened their heart to themselves which positively influenced the way that they related to themselves and others.

Reiki will never be obsolete. It is needed now more than ever to assist people to embrace the higher frequencies of truth and love. Reiki will continue to enhance everything one does and will always bring one into a state of deep connection with self. However, it is also important for Reiki people to re-examine their current concept of Reiki, and to consider the new paradigm that I believe Reiki has moved into.

If one is going out there to teach and/or work with energy, it is so important that one focuses on mastering their own. Then one is operating through their Reiki energy all the time. Then one can finally acknowledge and allow themselves to be the Divine Soul that they truly are!

“And as we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fears, our presence automatically liberates others.” Nelson Mandela

Following 20 years of training Reiki students in all three levels, Gillian now resides in Coffs Harbour NSW, passionately and solely focusing on her work in the area of Awareness Coaching.

by Gillian Love, Reiki Master/Teacher.