What Is Awareness Coaching?

Awareness Coaching quickly takes you out of self-limiting thoughts and beliefs.

Awareness Coaching takes you into an exciting new world of possibilities.

Awareness Coaching is a process of evolvement put into action in one-on-one individual appointments either in person, by phone or by Skype, or in small, yet powerful groups. Astrology is often incorporated in this process and you will be encouraged to explore your thoughts, your beliefs and your fears.

How far you choose to go with the process is entirely your choice. It can break through a particular situation in one or a few sessions, or you can continue at your own pace, successfully moving onwards on your journey of self-growth. You continue living your outer life as before, yet you begin to make more empowered and positive choices from a totally clear state of awareness.

Why would I need Awareness Coaching?

People who are led to try Awareness Coaching are those who have realised that they keep repeating similar thoughts  and life-choices and don’t seem to be able to do otherwise. The programs running in their minds appear to be dictating a repetitious path, and moving off that path often seems extremely difficult to sustain, even impossible.  Awareness Coaching exposes these programs and assists people to re-define themselves, therefore shifting their consciousness and creating new possibilities in their lives. If that resonates with you, then you may agree that Awareness Coaching is something you may like to try.

” Through Gill I became aware of patterns that had been driving me most of my life, of which I was largely unaware of. ”    MD

Using your everyday life experiences, thoughts and emotions, you will be mentored to expose intrinsic beliefs that were formed usually in your early years.  These would have created perceptions and stories about yourself, about others and about life in general.  Although these beliefs live in the subconscious mind, they continue to influence you to this day. They have formed a filter through which you think and make choices.  No matter how hard you try to change things, no matter how happy you may feel for a while, eventually you will usually find yourself repeating situations and struggling in some way.

Your beliefs run the show!

You believe these thoughts to be true!

That keeps the identity of struggle alive and powerful!

What could I get out of Awareness Coaching that would be worth it for me?

Are you feeling frustrated with yourself, wanting more but continually falling back into old habits, fears and anxieties? You may think this is normal and just how your life is. But what if you  changed your mind?  What if you were assisted to detect the mind-programs that have influenced you forever and what if you were guided to move out of them and substitute them with the truth of what you really believe? Beliefs with an absence of fear.  Awareness Coaching provides fascinating insight into the thoughts that undermine you, and assists you to transmute these thoughts. Then you can tap into your innate capacity for transformation and finally move beyond the energy of fear to live your daily life with great clarity, awareness and a sense of purpose. Then you may agree that this process is definitely worth it for you.

” Gill has been instrumental in assisting me to clear old patterns of fear-based thinking. She is an exceptional spiritual teacher and mentor and I am forever grateful Gill came into my life. ”   APB

Using this process, you will be encouraged to explore these core beliefs that have unknowingly held you captive, and then you’ll be assisted to identify their true purpose in your life, and finally release them. After all, they are only thoughts that you have believed for a long time. However, they have become your default. You have believed and trusted in them implicitly and have believed that that is who you are. It feels as if you can’t escape or change it.

And yet that is NOT who you are!

 Once discovered, you won’t even believe them!

You do not have to struggle!

You are so much MORE than that!

Awareness Coaching is certainly powerful and ALWAYS creates change. It makes the unexplainable explainable, and will supportively guide you through a process of awakening in a clear, precise and practical way.  Shifting these core beliefs out of your environment alleviates stress and substantially increases your sense of well-being .

With this growing awareness of how you and your life can be and how your relationships can thrive, you will find yourself choosing different responses to life and will move away from struggle at last.   Different choices that support you can be made, and with this freedom, new positive outcomes will become possible. This is Awareness and it expands one’s consciousness, and it is Divine.

“Be not the slave of your own past – plunge into the sublime seas, dive deep, and swim far, so you shall come back with new self-respect, with new power, and with an advanced experience that shall explain and overlook the old.”                       Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Awareness begins with the self. The best way to understand this process is to personally experience it and to observe the difference it makes in your life.”